O.E. Haynes & Sons, Hand-Split Cedar Shakes (ca. 1950s)

O. E. Haynes & Sons Advertisement
O. E. Haynes & Sons Advertisement

If you needed cedar shakes in Eatonville, O. E. Haynes & Sons was the place to go. Their ad even claims, “We have available at the moment the most complete selection of hand-split Cedar Shakes in the Northwest. Wholesale and retail.”

The company gets points for creativity too. I’m not sure if Otto Haynes came up with “We Shake the World” himself, but it’s a catchy and clever logo.

Prices were lower and phone numbers were shorter back then. If you doubt that 2-3375 number would put you through to the company, just check out this picture of the old Eatonville switchboard. The O. E. Haynes & Sons number is down toward the bottom, written in by hand.

Images courtesy of Roni Johnson.

Click on images to enlarge. 

Eatonville Switchboard
Eatonville Switchboard

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