Nisqually Canyon in 1911

Nisqually Postcard 1911Thank goodness for postcards. They give us true glimpse into the past. Here is a hand-colored postcard sent in 1911, from Montana to Wisconsin, but depicting the Nisqually Canyon.

At the bottom it reads Nisqually Canyon, Wash. from Railway.

For a little perspective, here are a few things that were taking place in 1911:
• First non-stop Paris to London flight.
William Howard Taft was president.
• The Mona Lisa was stolen at the Louvre (but was recovered two years later.)
• Eatonville passed its Chicken Ordinance.

Nisqually Canyon postcard (back)
Nisqually Canyon postcard (back)

Image courtesy of Diane Mettler.

Click on image to enlarge.

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