A Drive Down an early Canyon Road

1909 Drive Down Canyon Road
1909 Drive Down Canyon Road

Pat Walgamott says, “I found this picture of the road along the Nisqually River about 1909….at least what can be seen of it. This is my grandfather driving, Smith H. Miller, from National driving three ladies (probably,  Mrs. John Dobson Scollard, my grandmother Maude Looney Miller, and Cora Looney) down from Pacific National Mill back to Chehalis or Tacoma.”

Pat wasn’t sure exactly where the photo was taken, but it turned out we could place the car on Canyon Road. They were driving past the construction camp that didn’t come down until the 1950s.
Photo courtesy of Pat Walgamott.
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Canyon Road Camp (ca. 1920s)
Canyon Road Camp (ca. 1920s)

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