Car Crashes into Building on Mashell, 1960

Car Wreck 1960 1
Car Wreck 1960 1

This wreck took place March, 1960. Did some damage to the Dodge building on Mashell Ave., which I believe was the old Sears building across kitty corner from the bank. It looks like it involved two cars.

If you have details about this accident, please share.

I do like in the bottom corner of the first shot is a flier for a dance coming up at the Ohop Grange on April 2.

Photos courtesy of the Baublits family and taken by Joe Larin.

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CHR Garage ? CHR Garage ? CHR Garage ? CHR Garage ? CHR Garage ?

4 responses to “Car Crashes into Building on Mashell, 1960”

  1. WOW !! You found it !!! I was beginning to doubt my memory !! It is Ironic that you posted this on my birthday..May 6th.. (I’m 63 this year)Thanks for posting . 🙂


  2. To clarify, This was formally Christensen Motors, that my dad, James Beane, bought in 1959. Then changed the name to Mashell Motors.


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