Mashell Ave. in 1942

IOOF on Mashell Ave 1942
IOOF on Mashell Ave 1942

Josie Johnston posted this picture on Facebook the other day. It inspired some memories from locals.

Josie: I’m just messing around on some historical research sites today and found this very cool view of what the Hotes Hall used to look like. I did not know it was an IOOF before it was a Mason’s hall, but from this photo, I’m guessing it must have been.
Full description: “Black and white, close oblique angle linen backed photographic image of commercial buildings on one side of an Eatonville, Pierce County, WA street, 1942. Two story building in image center is the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Hall. The U.S. Post Office is on the first floor of the building. Sign in the post office street window: Register Now (Selective Service). The Roxy Theatre is in a building near image right edge. A bicycle is leaning against the street curb in front of the post office.”

Mashell Ave. 1959
Mashell Ave. 1959

Dixie Walter: When I moved back to town in 1960 the Dispatch was located in one of those places with the windows…not sure when the paper moved there since in those days once a newspaper picked a site it stayed a long time…the presses were huge and extremely heavy so no one liked to move much…sometime in the early 60s the paper moved to the little building next to where ERA used to be. Now it’s no problem to move papers as computers are soooo much easier to pack up and go wherever…I’ll see if Bob knows anything about the other photo showing the mountain. I’ve seen it before, probably during the Centennial…

Phillip David Smith: I was a past Master Canceller of DeMolay in the 60’s and spent a lot of great times at that Mason Hall; had a lot of great dances up there. Thank God we also had someone running the Roxy during that time.

Alice Wingrove: There was an ice cream store next to the Roxy and after a movie we would stop and get a cone to eat on the way home, Doris Olden Vormerstrand use to work there and she would really load the cones full of ice cream.

Karen Laura Lane Phelan: On the corner was the Post Office. The lodge was upstairs and Rainbow Girls and Demolay Boys sponsored dances for the high school kids. Further down was the Dispatch Office. At one time, Lorraine LaPlante had a little soda shop in there before you got to Pecheos Roxy Theater

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