Elbe IOOF, 1954

Elbe, 1954
Elbe, 1954

The exact date of this image is unknown, but was probably taken around January, 1954.

The writing on the photo reads “Elbe BM – across from Depot – CMP.S.”

To the right is a a clear view of is the Elbe IOOF(Independent Order of Odd Fellows) building, which still stands today.

You can see Lambert’s Quick Lunch in the background. That building, however, is no longer standing. “. . . Lambert’s Lunch and Service Station sold to Stanley Johnson and later became the A&M Cafe burned down.” (History of Southeastern Pierce County.)

Anyone else spot anything else?

Photo courtesy of Terry Maves and Tacoma Power.

Click on image to enlarge.

4 responses to “Elbe IOOF, 1954”

  1. This was the old Odd Fellows Hall. However, at this time it was the Elbe grocery store. The second floor the (upper level) was removed during the late twentieth century. I remember, as a youngster, experiencing the floor undulating while walking across the
    room. The floor joists supporting the upper room floor were 2 by 6 inch boards 24 feet long. The room was not used from the 1950s The old train depot was located across the highway.
    The white two storied building in the background belonged to the State of Washington, Department of Natural Resources. It is now (2019) a rest area. The rail road signs on the highway were for a rail spur which was for petroleum tanker rail cars.The petroleum was pumped into large storage tanks,rightside of the highay, owned by Standard Oil. The far right front of the picture shows the gas pumps of an auto repair and service station.


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