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Historical Society Minutes -  June 16, 1975
Historical Society Minutes – June 16, 1975

These are the minutes of the special meeting of the historical society in 1975. It makes me kind of sad because they talk about the possibility of making the old hotel into a museum (used to sit next to the bank in the now vacant lot).

Special Meeting 6/16/75
Don [Baublits] had mailed out 130 letters. There seemed to be no interest by townspeople concerning the fate of the old Hotel.

Eatonville Hotel, July 1967
Eatonville Hotel, July 1967

Don explained the possibility of obtaining grants from various State and Federal agencies. Discussion on peoples’ interest in the Museum. Motion made to make no decision until we find out of the townspeople. Carried. Meeting adjourned.

Present: Mr. and Mrs. Pecchia, Jonas and Helen Asplund, Vynar Fish, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Boyles, Ethel Black, Don Baublits and Fay Duke.  

As someone who would love to have a museum in town, I wish there had been more interest.

Images courtesy of Diane Mettler and Baublits family.

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