Eatonville Redmen Basketball team (1946-47)

Eatonville Redmen, 1946-47
Eatonville Redmen, 1946-47

I’m making the jump that this was the Red Men Hall’s basketball team. The appeared to do well during the 1946-47 season in the Pierce County A.A.U. Tri-County League.

The Redmen Hall sat where the Landmark’s parking lot is today.

Abbi Wonacott writes: “The Red Men Hall, built in 1905, was used by more than just the members who built it. It was a multipurpose center of sorts. Many times meetings are referred to as being held at the hall. Its primary function was to house the Improved Order of Red Men, Nisqually Tribe #81, of Eatonville.

Though by today’s standards, it appears to be a mockery, like “playing Indians.” In practice, this group of men met to uphold important values of patriotism as those who dressed, as Indians and dumped tea into the Boston Harbor. They held charity events, raised money for those in need, and sponsored a baseball team. The Red Men Hall was a two story building constructed by the dedicated membership of 150 men in 1905.”

Photo courtesy of Rich Williams.

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One response to “Eatonville Redmen Basketball team (1946-47)”

  1. Hi Diane,

    The players on this team were, standing left to right: Virg Butler, Jim Buti, Eddie Dora, Lester Anderson, Cecil Williams. Kneeling are: Wayman Foster, Bob Corbett, Theno (?) , Harold Williams. The leading scorer on the team was Jim Buti. This picture was taken the year I was born.

    Rich Williams


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