Don’t Feed the Bear (Mount Rainier ca. 1940s)

Feeding the Bear at Mount Rainier (ca. 1940s)
Feeding the Bear at Mount Rainier (ca. 1940s)

They always tell you, don’t feed the bear. But people just can’t seem to help themselves.

Here are some folks feeding a bear at Mount Rainier, probably in late 40s. It looks like a cub standing around waiting for handouts. But where there is a small cub, there is normally a protective mother bear. Hopefully this story had a happy ending.

Photo courtesy of Linda Lewis.

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2 responses to “Don’t Feed the Bear (Mount Rainier ca. 1940s)”

  1. Diane, not to be picky, but the car in the picture is a 1938 Hudson coupe, and the Jeep is a civilian model from after WWII, so i would have to say this pic is from the earliest, the late ’40s !!
    The cub and mother tale is soo true. Back in the 50′ or 60’s , my Dad and uncle were hunting when two large cubs charged them. They had no choice but to shoot them. Then MAMA came out of the woods, charging at both of them. The story goes it took 6 or 7 bullets to take the Mama bear down. My dad said it was a good thing they had brought extra shorts !!(LOL)


    • Well, I got the 40s right. 🙂 Yeah, as kids we were instructed to stay away from cubs. I’ve only seen the adults around our place though . . . knock on wood.


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