Gunnar Halvarsen and other Eatonville War Vets

Gunnar Halvarson
Gunnar Halvarson

On September 12, 1912, Eatonville threw a “Welcome Home” parade for the service men who had returned. “Thirty-three of them fell into line at the upper end of Mashell Avenue at the command of J. H. Cosper, formerly First Lieutenant in the 7th Infantry, and with the Starts and Stripes in the lead, paraded to Groe Street and thence to Red Men’s Hall.

A welcome home address was given by T. C. Van Eaton after an introduction by Mayor Bridge. The response was given by R. A. Canty, formerly of the infantry regiment stationed at Camp Lewis.

Some of the veterans who paraded were: P. Asmussen, H. Asmussen, Ralph Benston, Alfrew Brewer, Henry Christensen, Will Canty, Einer M. Carlson, Francis Canty, T. Carroll, Ed Christensen, Cassidy, Robert Else, Harry Elmlund, George Fenton, Jas. Franklin, Fred Fredericksen, Dewey Fredricksen, Richard C. Gallear, G. Halverson, F. Jetland, Will Jacobson, Henry James. J. Jensen, Edward Kittleman, Grant Johnson, Giovanni Lazzarette, Wellington Marsh, George Moen, F. L. Metcalf, Anton Mensik, Earl Marrow, Harry Nensen, Jacob Nightengale, Ward Nettleton, George H. Nelson, Jesse Nagley, Jay Osborne, J. M. Pulford, Jesse Peterson, Earl Pravitz, Al Radigan, Riley, Rusch, Otto Roseburg, Carl S. Risvold, Arthur Snow, Stanley Scurlock Elmer Thomas, G. Turner, Frank Van Eaton, George Wilson, Earl Young.

(Per History of Southeastern Pierce County.)

Images courtesy of Debbie and Gary Saint.

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