4H Club Builds Indian Henry Monument (1975)

Silver Lake 4H Club 1975
Silver Lake 4H Club 1975

This articles ran in the Dispatch in 1975. It reads:

Pictured above are members of the Sliver Lake 4-H Club who last Monday began building a stone monument to Indian Henry. The grave site also was cleared of weeds and scotch broom.

The rock monument will have a plaque commemorating Indian Henry. A formal dedication will be held in August.

Club members and adults who helped are Ken Smith, Scott Summer, Tom Bewley, Debbie Bewley, Krisi Smith, Lori Weeks, Kerry Smith, Lee Isom, Janis Isom (leader), Kay Rauch (leader), Evelyn Guske (leader), Lester Smith, Fred Guske, Janette Bertram, Shelly Smith, and Jewell Nelson. Camera shy Tom Guske took off on this motorcycle as the cameraman approached. Tom was work chairman.

Photo courtesy of the Dispatch.

Click on image to enlarge.


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