Nisqually Glacier (early 1900s)

Nisqually Glacier
Nisqually Glacier

The Nisqually Glacier was something to behold in the early 1900s when you traveled up to Mount Rainier. Unfortunately, it’s doesn’t quite look like that today.

The National Park Services says, “The Nisqually is one the 25 major glaciers at Mount Rainier. [It] has shown dramatic changes in dimension within the last century.”

To give you an idea of the dramatic change they are talking about, here is a image taken form the University of Washington website. It charts the glacier’s evolution over the last century. To read more, just click here.

Nisqually Glacier evolution
Nisqually Glacier evolution

Images provided by Diane Mettler and courtesy of the University of Washington.

Click on images to enlarge.


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