Logging in National

Isaacson at National Logging
Isaacson blade used at National for logging

These images come from Sandra Wood, who found them in her father’s things. Since he logged up in National, she assumes they are from that area.


Photos courtesy of Sandra Wood.

Click on images to enlarge.

Logging in National
Logging in National



5 responses to “Logging in National”

  1. My grandfather was superintendent in the late 40’s and 50’s. Gerald Skinner.
    We played in the 2 story superintendent’s home. Climbing out the bedroom
    Window up stairs to pick cherries.


    • My grandmother Hazel Walters was Gerald Skinner’s sister. Gerald Skinner was my great uncle.

      Would like to get in touch with you. Would like to get more inf. about great uncle Gerald Skinner.

      My e-mail is klwalters@q.com

      Kimber ( Kim ) Walters


  2. Did your grandfather also work for St. Paul & Tacoma or St. Regis near Kapowsin? I say this because the Northern Pacific logging flat cars likely would not have gone up the MILW RR to National. National would have loaded MILW cars most likely. I am talking about the photo with the cat yarding in to the railroad landing with the speeder in the photo.


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