Paradise Lodge 1939

Paradise Lodge 1939
Paradise Lodge 1939

A peak at Paradise in 1939. It was a happening place up there, with live shows on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Mardora Dawkins says if you check under the carpets at the Paradise Inn you’ll find a fabulous hardwood floor that was used as a dance floor. Bem Dawkins (Jess Dawkin‘s father) installed it.

Photo courtesy of Madora Dawkins.

Paradise Inn 1939
Paradise Inn 1939

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Paradise Cabins 1939
Paradise Cabins 1939

2 responses to “Paradise Lodge 1939”

  1. It should be noted here that Paradise Inn and Paradise Lodge were two very distinct and separate buildings. The Inn was built in 1916-17. It was rehabilitated recently and continues to operate at the east end of the Paradise developed area.

    Paradise Lodge was situated about one half mile west of the Inn. It was located where the recently demolished Jackson Visitor Center (the flying saucer) was located. It was built in 1928. There were about 200 housekeeping cabins behind it. They were hauled down to the Puget Sound region during World War II. The Lodge was demolished and burned in1965.

    You can find architectural histories of all historic lodges in the national park system at:

    Douglas (Doug) Evans, former park ranger at Paradise


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